Monday, December 9, 2013

Inspiration Monday

This week over at Two Birds our inspiration is...who knows? call her Jane Doe.
Love this low key casual and comfy winter look.
I think every women has worn something similar - a huge men's sweater that belonged to her husband, brother or father. Unfortunately, my hubby wears t-shirts all year long and hates long sleeves!  So I put on my own cable knit sweater , but it's not over-sized.


I really love my Express pants- they fit perfectly, but I have a big problem matching them with anything except black and khaki, since they have black stripes down the side.

I always want to pair them with more bright colors. So this time I remembered about my Russian scarf, that has black and khaki colors and even more RED flowers. 

I know pants and scarf are kind of far from each other, but I love how they work together.

In my mind I was back to the beginning of the 90's, when I wore a Russian folk shawl a lot, not just as a scarf, but like a skirt too. Once I tried to scare off a guy who asked me out (I didn't like him very much), so I dyed my hair black, put all black clothing on, and put on a folk shawl as a skirt. When I put on a lot of jewelry it made me look like a gypsy. Unfortunately, the truth is he wasn't scared off; he was proud to be out with such an unusual girl!


silvergirl said...

What super fun pants you are sporting
Love them

two birds said...

i love those pants, i think they'd be great with a bright and colorful top! that's a hilarious story...too bad it backfired!