Sunday, August 24, 2014

Chic way to pull off denim for a party

A loophole is to dress up denim with a white jacket and add an eye-catching clutch.

'Mad' about the 60-s - Joan

This week I jumped into into Joan’s world. It was quite difficult because I'm not a femme fatale. Her hips are hypnotic. So I just dressed my body-fitting dress and tried to show my curves as best as I could.

Monday, August 18, 2014

'Mad' about the 60-s - Megan

This week was dedicated to Megan Draper - the most stylish character of this series.
This is the only character we have often seen in pants - and those pants are not like Betty's pants. They vary significantly in terms of style. 
Besides the fact that in recent seasons she is a prominent representative of boho-chic, she also displays a nice casual looks, with clothes like what we may have in our wardrobe, like tank tops, for example.(now it's difficult to imagine summer living without tank tops; in the past we wore them like undershirts).
So here is a few of Megan's recreations.
First - here Megan looks more like a person from the 70's, not the 60's.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Peplum top + shorts

When I bought a peplum top I thought I would wear it with a lot of items from my wardrobe, but in reality it wouldn't work as I assumed because, despite the natural color, the top has a neon orange rim on the armholes and neck line. So often it's the main reason why I  have doubts wearing it...maybe I'm too picky.
Last time I showed this peplum top with neon orange skinny jeans.
For our friend's daughter's graduation party on Saturday I wore this top with a jacquard shorts in natural color, plus a statement necklace that has some neon orange elements.

It's really funny because more than a month ago I wore the same shorts to a party for another friend's daughter's graduation.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

'Mad' about the 60-s - Peggy Olsen

This week was dedicated to Peggy Olsen style.
At least for me, she is one of the most difficult characters for re-creating, especially when I look at her costumes from the first seasons, where she looks like some naive, ridiculous schoolgirl trying on outdated stuff from her mother's wardrobe. Modest and discreetly hiding her femininity in a "grandma dress" / skirt / blouse plus earthy colors and baby bangs adds up to a tricky set for a person like me who has nothing in common with Peggy.
In general, it's amazing how a person who is working in a creative environment stays so stylistically boring, clumsy & awkward,. even in the best of her dresses.
For me it turned out to be the easiest way to use these two images: the left - when Peggy was able to take off on her career zenith and right - at the beginning of her climb up the career ladder. In my mind there was one idea - one item (my white vest) may differentiate a boss and a subordinate, I hope I did it :)


Monday, August 4, 2014

'Mad' about the 60-s - Betty

Sometimes I want to dress like some movie characters, but actually rarely put this desire to reality.
So this month I want to challenge myself to finally follow my dream.
I'm starting this movie characters challenge and beginning  with the interesting female characters of  "Mad Men".Opening the season with Betty Draper. I used her style from the early seasons.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Short vacation

We had a two day vacation.
First stop was in New Hampshire at Hampton beach. It was so foggy in the evening, so here you can see me in the fifty shades of gray. I didn't mean any erotic sence in this, but real beach and ocean, and sky, and my outfit color.