Monday, August 18, 2014

'Mad' about the 60-s - Megan

This week was dedicated to Megan Draper - the most stylish character of this series.
This is the only character we have often seen in pants - and those pants are not like Betty's pants. They vary significantly in terms of style. 
Besides the fact that in recent seasons she is a prominent representative of boho-chic, she also displays a nice casual looks, with clothes like what we may have in our wardrobe, like tank tops, for example.(now it's difficult to imagine summer living without tank tops; in the past we wore them like undershirts).
So here is a few of Megan's recreations.
First - here Megan looks more like a person from the 70's, not the 60's.

next - Megan as a "princess"


...and just casual Megan.

here Megan is in Hawaii in the psychedelic dress

This week I'm in my psychedelic tunic on a Rhode Island beach 

and lastly, Megan in a Pucci dress.

Actually, I thought my Pucci top had the same colors and print, but when I found my old pictures I sow that I made a mistake, but anyway here is a photo.


Lorna mai ltd said...

Love all of these looks. The princess look is very boho plus I love the headscarf on you. Those grey flares are fabulous.

Marie said...

those gray trousers look fab on you!

Marie @ In Our Happy Place

Melaina25 said...

I do love Megan although California Megan I'm not so sure about....
☼Transatlantic Blonde☼