Monday, April 21, 2014

Inspiration Monday

It's Inspiration Monday and this time Two Birds gave us Taylor Swift, who has hot blood and wore a summer dress for a cold  spring day in NY.


In my age I should look more like a 'mother-queen' not like an 'infant-princess', but who am I kidding? Maybe it's my last chance to play this role, so I stepped out of the box of my age and wore my summer dress, that I bought to wear at home around the pool.

Most of all I was inspired by Taylor's hairdo. I think the last time that I wore a hair band this way I was in middle school.

And of course I couldn't go outside without a jacket. I'm like an amphibian who hibernates when my blood runs cold.

dress - Uniqlo
jacket - London Fog
boots - Chinese Laundry
purse - Nine West
sunglasses - Just Cavalli


Patti said...

This is a lovely inspired look, and your hair looks wonderful too. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Super cute and comfy look! Loving those shoes!
Stopping by from the Funday Monday link up :)
Exploring My Style

Kezzie said...

I think I am about 12- I wear headbands all the time- my work colleague told me I dress like a little girl some days! Ah well, I'm 33, gotta do it while I can!!! ;-)
Your dress is super cute and the zip boots are so fun!x

Anonymous said...

Lovely outfit choice. Glad you found some inspiration to dress young-er lol. Visiting from #persanstylemonday

two birds said...

I never dress my age, but I prefer it that way!! I love this dress on you, it's so fun and perfect with those booties!

Shea Sayers said...

I love that dress--I'm glad you took it out and about--you look fabulous! And the boots were the perfect fun touch.

Jan Graham-McMillen said...

Not poolside, and not too young! Very elegant and timely, and it's always good to plan ahead to when it gets really hot. You have the legs, so wear whatever skirt you want.
You're looking fresh, and youthful without looking jejune.
So pretty. I just enjoyed seeing you in it!

Whitney James said...

Pretty dress, very vintage inspired. I love it! Thanks for linking up!