Monday, November 11, 2013

Inspiration Monday

Today's Inspiration Monday photo from Two Birds is an Australian model. She wore this outfit to walk her dog. I kinda like the gap in her teeth.
First of all, this is what I saw on Jessica Hart's picture.. a light trench-coat, flats and a sweater,  a dark denim and button up shirt. It's a pretty simple and classy look.Then I checked my closet - actually I know I don't own any light trench coat (it's been on my wish list for a long time). I don't know if I really will buy one because I'm more of a cardigan person; not a jacket and coat person. Someday, maybe I'll have enough money to buy Burberry's trench coat, then I'll wear it all spring and fall long. But right now I own one black rain coat and I don't remember when I wore it last.
Also, my skinny jeans are not tight and not cropped on the ankles, so I decided  to use the sneakers instead of the flats.
More on the list of "needed" things: some standard round crew neck sweaters. Almost all of mine have turtleneck or v-neck line.So for me, this week's Monday inspiration was all about taking out and wearing my black "trench", or more accurately, the rain coat.


 A little joke. This is my only dog:)



two birds said...

the dog made me laugh!! i love your coat, too!

busechka said...