Monday, November 25, 2013

Inspiration Monday

For this inspiration Monday photo from Two Birds is Sienna Miller.
Her knee-length Burberry leopard-print silk dress could have been in danger of looking a little frumpy, but the actress added a fluffy cream cardigan, which gave here a more boho and weather-appropriate look. Then she polished her outfit with complimentary black tights and black Mary Jane heels. Sienna pulled her hair back into a high bun and brightened up her face with a bright red lipstick.

Today was cold enough for me to use my oldest winter jacket. I made it about fifteen years ago and had been really sick of wearing this jacket for such a long time. I think this "sheep" rested in my closet for the last four years.

I don't have a leopard print dress (actually, I don't like that kind of pattern very much), but one day I bought a leopard cardigan because it didn't cost a lot, and I thought I might need it one day. So the day has come!

This skirt is kind of hard to pair with anything, but I liked how a leopard cardigan worked with a skirt, so I'll definitely wear them together more often.


Kezzie said...

The cardie and skirt go really well together and the furry coat is lovely on you!! X

busechka said...