Sunday, June 1, 2014

Cargo vest + Shirt-dress

I think we can all agree on that shirt-dress never going out of style. 
It's easy, comfortable and casual-sexy.
You can add a belt,  hat or even a cargo vest and it will look totally different.. 

vest- Old Navy / shirt-dress - Uniqlo / shoes - old (no name)


Dawn Lucy said...

I really need to add a shirtdress to my wardrobe soon. Cute look and I'm in love with those sandals!
Dawn Lucy

Patti said...

This is a wonderful, easy shirtdress and you look great! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

Lana L. said...

Love your shirtdress - it looks so comfy! Really cute with the vest - you look great.

Whitney James said...

Very cute sandals and the shirt-dress is cute as well! Thank you for linking up...xo!