Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer Challenge: Day #3

For day #3 'Style Me Pretty Summer Challenge' we are going with a classic simple outfit and must wear a printed top + khaki shorts +a  long necklace + metallic sandals ( (if it's for work wear: a printed blouse + khaki pants + a long necklace + metallic or neutral flats).
So this is my outfit for today: I wore The Limited (I couldn't believe I won their gift card); very cute patterned khaki shorts and a striped top.
Also, I tried to put the white blouse (from the first day of  'Summer Challenge') over the striped top as a vest. I think I felt like I needed a little bit of jazz to this look; it's kind of a plain look without the white blouse.

top & shorts - The Limited, shoes - Sperry, necklace - Kolh's, bracelet - Express, purse - Nine West

Outfit # 3: Printed Top + Khaki Shorts + Long Necklace + Metallic Sandals
[Work Wear:  Printed Blouse + Khaki Pants + Long Necklace + Metallic or Neutral Flats]


Sarah said...

Love that necklace. Hello fellow Challange lady! Found you through Nicole's link up...random!

Joanna - ThePlusSizeBlog said...

This looks so nice! Lovely shirt I wish I could wear stripes too! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi challenger, found you through vodka infused lemonade link up. I added a vest to the look so agree and like your blouse solution.