Thursday, January 8, 2015

Double portion of corduroy

Seriously…it's so cold outside (single digits), that after spending 5 minutes outdoors taking outfit photos, my eyes were full of frosty tears...
so yesterday’s corduroy Sherpa trucker jacket was back today for the 'Take One, Pass it On' remix. I call this kind of jacket an 'inside-out fur', so it's pretty warm.
I want to make a point, today I doubled my corduroy portion and wore a jacket and pants made from this fabric. It's kind of strange that both jeans and cord-pants usually are made from cotton, but with the cords I feel much warmer then in jeans. Don't you feel the same way?

What I'm wearing:
jacket - Harley, cords - Joe Fresh, sweater - Old Navy, boots - London Rebel, hat - The Limited, scarf - DSW, gloves - H&M, glasses - Walmart optical

I found that for some reason I couldn't reply to a comment on my own blog. My reply button just disappeared. I want to let you know that I always appreciate the time out of your day for visiting my blog and every comment that you leave here. I can't thank you enough, 
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Julia Nyanyo said...

I've always loved cords, I had a fab pair of jumbo cords in the early 80's that I LOVED and there's been no going back. I'm so pleased to see them being worn in 2015 and looking so good!