Monday, January 13, 2014

Inspiration Monday

Today is Inspiration Monday with Two Birds. And here is Katie Holmes:
Actually, for me it was an absolutely new experience.
Last time when I wore leggings outdoors as pants, I was 18 or 20 years old, and they were velour, so they looked pretty much like pants.
From today's experience I'm asking myself , "Why are people so in love with leggings for the winter time, and choosing them instead of any kind of pants?" Because my buns were freaking cold, even with a long coat, pretty long hoodie, and today's warm weather. I had to pull my cami down as much as I could just to cover them up more.
And to be honest, I exchanged the leggings for the skinny jeans right after getting my shots, and felt much more comfortable.
One more thing - I don't have any hoodless sweatshirts (my wardrobe has only sweaters and few hoodies). I know, sweatshirts are very trendy right now, but I'm still looking for one that I`ll love. Probably it should looks like one of Mark Jacobs' fringes sweatshirts from the Spring Collection, but cost less than $1900.

coat - London Fog
hoodie - Calvin Klein
cami - American Eagle
leggings - Uniqlo
boots - Lauren by Ralph Lauren
shades - Just Cavalli

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silvergirl said...

Cute pattern tights
I have a pair of boots very similar to yours
I love them