Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Another snowy day

There was a short  period of time in my life that I wore only skirts and dresses, and told all of my friends that I chose this because wearing pants seemed less feminine. How silly I was!

I still love dresses and I wear them much more than many people that I know, but really it's not enough. So this week I am calling for a "winter dresses week." Actually, I started this challenge a little bit early, on Sunday, so I'll show my winter dresses in random order.

Let's start with Monday. This was my dress. I couldn't believe how old this dress was - about twenty years old. I have no idea what was in my mind when I made it; it's not a youthful style. That is probably why I wore it only a few times. Every time that I organized my closet I gave this dress one more chance to be worn -  it's not easy for me to give away stuff that I made myself. So maybe, right now I am old enough for this hairy dress; yep, the  fabric has some fuzziness to it.
Also, it's good to know that my shape has not changed....too much.

My mom made this necklace for me. Yes, we are very creative family. This necklace brings me such bohemian feelings.

Perfectly Coutured

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