Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summer Challenge: Day # 11

Continuing on with 'Summer Style Me Pretty Challenge'. We've finally reached the halfway point. So for today we must to wear printed shorts or pants with a bright top but instead of the wedges we need to add sneakers (if you don't see the entire collage it will look like déjà vu of day # 4),

I think, for past two years, this is one of my favorite summer and beach vacations outfits.
I love everything about it. It is not boring because it has a fun pattern and a delicious orange color. Also, it has a relaxing fit (with fabrics lightly touching your skin) that is important for places with hot and humid weather. So, my feeling is that nothing can be better than this!

tops - Newport News & Kohl's, shorts - American Eagle, sandals - Birki's, tote - DSW, hat - Forever 21

Outfit #11: Bright T-Shirt + Printed Shorts + Fedora + Sneakers
[Work Wear:  Bright Blouse + Printed Ankle Pants + Long Necklace + Neutral Flats or Heels]

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Renae of Simple Sequins said...

Thanks Alana for your kind words of encouragement for chemo 4. I don't have any discomfort yet. It usual hits me on Saturday or Sunday. dreading.

You ensemble is cute and looks so refreshing! Thanks for your loyalty to {*FiF*} lol