Thursday, November 7, 2013

Inspiration Monday on Thursday

A few days ago I found a Two Birds blog link with kind of an interesting idea - Inspiration Monday. Every week they pick and post a picture for inspiration. Then every Monday, you can post the link to your version of the inspiration on their post.For this Monday they picked Freida Pinto (of Slum Dog Millionaire). She wore some colors and patterns and fringe from the "Isabel Marant for H&M" collection (the line won't be available in stores until November 14th).
So I just saw a new possibility for my boxy jacket and I decided to borrow the look from the Two Birds Inspiration Monday. Of course it's desirable to wear on Monday what they posted and what inspired you, but this outfit not very good for November`s weather (even if outside is 60 degrees).  You need to live in southern California to wear it this month. Of course it's not for an everyday occasion.I don't have too many patterned skirts in my closet so I just went in the opposite direction. I used a plain natural color skirt and  patterned blouse.  Also, I added a pink jewelry piece  accent to refresh the look.

Here you can see the colors and details in natural lighting ...and my pale-blue legs also;)


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