Monday, May 12, 2014

Travel Fashion

Finally, after a multistop trip is over, I'm back home and can share some of the outfits that I wore the past two weeks.
I started my vacation in Boston where the weather was pretty cold, 

but anyway we went to the Frost Ice Bar, where almost everything was made from ice.

Next I flew to San Diego, and the city greeted me with unusually hot weather, about 90 degrees. 

After landing my friend give me a ride to Coronado Island, where we had breakfast and took a short walk through their oldest and most famous hotel.

So I just took off my warm sweater and stayed in a cami, covering my shoulders with a scarf because I didn't have any sunscreen. 

More hot San Diego outfits.

My friend's kids play the piano, so this is my outfit for their concert.

Then the weather changed for more typical San Diego spring weather with the chilly ocean wind.

I was in California more than a week. Then I flew home and the same evening my husband and I drove to Virginia for a kid's college graduation. 
Some of my Virginia outfits.

I planned to wear this tea-dress for a big commencement day but spilled coffee on it, 

so I changed my dress twice that day - good that I had another one with me.

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Jessica Jannenga said...

Hi there, looks so fun where you are, I cant wait for a vacation!!
I especially like your long white flowy dress, very pretty.

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