Sunday, August 10, 2014

'Mad' about the 60-s - Peggy Olsen

This week was dedicated to Peggy Olsen style.
At least for me, she is one of the most difficult characters for re-creating, especially when I look at her costumes from the first seasons, where she looks like some naive, ridiculous schoolgirl trying on outdated stuff from her mother's wardrobe. Modest and discreetly hiding her femininity in a "grandma dress" / skirt / blouse plus earthy colors and baby bangs adds up to a tricky set for a person like me who has nothing in common with Peggy.
In general, it's amazing how a person who is working in a creative environment stays so stylistically boring, clumsy & awkward,. even in the best of her dresses.
For me it turned out to be the easiest way to use these two images: the left - when Peggy was able to take off on her career zenith and right - at the beginning of her climb up the career ladder. In my mind there was one idea - one item (my white vest) may differentiate a boss and a subordinate, I hope I did it :)


favorite bossy poses of Peggy

 just add a vest and a brooch and we can see a 'lower rung' worker

 however, I didn't think this back could belong to Peggy in any of her versions

In my next outfit I tried to fit all of my observations about Peggy, such as her love of bows, pleated skirts and dresses, love of plaids and heavy shoes.

also this was my church outfit


Patti said...

Great inspired-by-Peggy looks! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

Jessica Jannenga said...

Love the recreations of Peggy! I love Mad Men and she is tough to pul off. Sometimes I cant decide whether I like her or not Love the outfit and attention to detail. I would recreate Joan but I am not volumptuos!
from the link up
please stop by, jess

Marie said...

love that you rocked the plaid bow! that's one of my faves!
Marie @ In Our Happy Place

Tiffany Opp said...

So fun! I love both looks. Great retro styling and inspiration.
I still haven't seen Mad Men (I know I must be living under a rock). I keep meaning to watch it but it bugs me to start in the middle of a show, so I have to go back and watch it from the beginning and I just haven't had time yet.

Lorna mai ltd said...

Love the 2nd look. The pattern and colours in the top are just stunning. Fab recreateions!

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

Awww I love your Peggy poses and Peggy-inspired outfits. You can't go wrong with a LBD. I love that white vest over it too - great idea to style it like that. I must say your plaid ruffled top is extremely pretty!!

Enjoy the weekend Alena! Welcome by sometimes. <3 Ada.